Titan Giant Sunflower Seeds

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Titan Giant Sunflower Seeds – 10 Fresh Seeds

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Titan Giant Sunflower Seeds – 10 Fresh Seeds 

The Titan Sunflower, with its impressive stature, is a standout in any garden. Known for its colossal height, it can soar up to 12 feet or more. This sunflower variety is celebrated for its large, striking blooms that can reach over 24 inches in diameter. The Titan’s seeds are large and edible, offering a rich, nutty flavour that’s perfect for snacking or bird feed. Growing Titan Sunflowers requires full sun exposure, ample space to accommodate their size, and well-drained soil.

They thrive with consistent watering and occasional fertilization. Despite their grandeur, Titans are relatively easy to grow, making them a favourite among gardeners seeking a spectacular and rewarding gardening project. Their rapid growth from seed to full-size in one season is a joy to observe, and their towering presence adds a dramatic, awe-inspiring element to any

A great variety for seed keeping as the head develops good seeds with few empty seeds.


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