Hangjiao Space Chilli Seeds

We stock all 10 of the Hangjiao Space Chilli Seeds and you can also buy a variety pack containing all 10 in a display folder.

HJ1 – Corona
One of the big peppers in the range, sweet with a very mild heat

HJ2 – Meteor
Can grow twisted and cork screw shaped, very long and a productive plant.

HJ3 – Yellow Solar Flare
Super productive plant which grows bright yellow pods that are very spicy. Can get over 200 pods per plant.

HJ4 – Comets Tail
Grows very long thin pods over 35cm long with a degree of twisting and curling. Medium to Hot.

HJ5 – Helix Nebula
Sweet and juicy pods with a low heat no more than 10,000 SHU and very productive. Pods can grow 12 inches or longer.

HJ6 – Pulsar
Super large pods over 20cm with a sweet taste. Pods can grow straight and sometimes with curls and bends and they tend to have some ribbing at the top of the pod.

HJ7 – Super Nova
Another super producer, this space chilli grows pods that can be straight, cork screwed or twisted. Ripens bright red and have a nice sweet taste with a very mild heat.

HJ8 – Total Eclipse
Large pods with a mild heat, deep red when rips. Can grow over 10 inches.

HJ9 – Big Bang
Big by name, big by nature, this is the beast of the Hangjiao Space Chilli range which can grow not only very long at over 14 inches but also quite wide with a spectacular cork screw habit as they grow.

HJ10 – After Glow
The most prolific producer of the entire space chilli range, the after glow produce straight long pods that start green and finally turn a deep red. Make a great snacking pepper.

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