Black Kathumby Chilli Seeds

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Black Kathumby Chilli Seeds – 10 Fresh Seeds

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Black Kathumby Chilli Seeds – 10 Fresh Seeds

Possibly one of the darkest peppers in existence, the Black Kathumby boasts incredibly dark pods, leaves, and stems, making it a visual standout. Over time, with patience, it ripens to a shade that’s a mix of black and red, although this process can be quite lengthy.

Its leaves are among the darkest observed. Flavor-wise, the Black Kathumby delivers a moderate heat, complemented by a subtle fruity undertone. This combination makes it suitable for various culinary uses, from salsas to sauces.

Gardeners particularly appreciate this variety for its ornamental value, with the stark contrast of its dark pods against the green foliage being especially eye-catching. In essence, the Black Kathumby is a harmonious fusion of aesthetic appeal and spicy heat.

Kathumby Black Pepper
Kathumby Black Pepper



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