Rich Sweetness Melon Seeds

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Rich Sweetness Melon Seeds – 10 Fresh Seeds 

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Rich Sweetness Melon Seeds – 10 Fresh Seeds 

Rich Sweetness melons are a diminutive variety, typically measuring between 7 to 10 centimetres in diameter. They exhibit a round to oval shape with gently curved edges, never surpassing the size of a tennis ball or baseball. Their rinds are firm, smooth, and tightly stretched. As they ripen, these rinds shift from a blend of dark and light green stripes to an eye-catching array of crimson and golden striping, often showcasing variegated patterns and spots. Each melon boasts its unique design. Beneath the delicate rind lies flesh that ranges from ivory to creamy in colour

Rich Sweetness melons emanate a tropical, inviting fragrance, carrying hints of pineapple and coconut. The flavour of the flesh is subtly milder than its aroma, delivering a refreshing and neutral sweetness underscored by the essence of musky cucumbers and honeydew.




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