HurtBerry Chilli Seeds

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HurtBerry Chilli Seeds – 10 Fresh Seeds

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HurtBerry Chilli Seeds – 10 Fresh Seeds

This exceptional hot pepper is the result of a crossbreeding project by esteemed grower and reptile enthusiast, Graham Lee Warburton. Initially, a combination of Reaper and Jigsaw varieties were crossed, followed by the addition of Moruga UV to create the distinctive Hurt Berry pepper.

As the Hurt Berry matures, its colour transitions from green to a deep red, showcasing pods approximately one inch in diameter. The surface of these pods is incredibly textured and prickly, adding to their unique visual appeal. While the heat level can be intense, those who dare to indulge will discover fruity undertones within the flavour profile. Notably, the Hurt Berry strain stands out for its relatively fast maturation compared to other superhot varieties. These chili plants can reach heights exceeding three feet in pots and bigger if planted directly in the ground.




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