Aji Charapita Chilli Seeds

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Aji Charapita Seeds – 10 Fresh Seeds

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Aji Charapita Seeds – 10 Fresh Seeds

Aji Charapita comes from the species Capsicum Chinense and is a hot chili pepper variety.

About 50,000-100,000 scoville.

Aji Charapita grows wild in the jungles of northeastern Peru and in the western part of the Amazon in Brazil. AKA “Charapilla” and “Yellow Fire”, other names are “Cumani”, “Tettinas de Monk” and “Yellow Jellybean”. The plants are bushy and grow about one meter high. Aji Charapita is an extremely productive chili variety and it is not uncommon to have thousands of fruits on the same plant.

The growing fruits are round and are about 10 mm in diameter. The color of chili goes from light green to yellow when ripe and has a fruity fresh taste.

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