Carolina Reaper Chilli Seeds

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Carolina Reaper Seeds – 20 Fresh Seeds

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Carolina Reaper Seeds – 20 Fresh Seeds

These exceptional seeds allow you to cultivate chili pepper plants that bear the world-renowned Carolina Reaper peppers, known for their record-breaking heat. With a Scoville Heat Unit (SHU) rating of over 1,500,000, the Carolina Reaper holds the title of the hottest pepper in the world.

Originating from South Carolina, USA, this pepper variety boasts a distinctive wrinkled appearance and a vibrant red colour. The Carolina Reaper delivers an unparalleled level of heat, accompanied by fruity and smoky undertones that add depth to its flavour profile.

Cultivate these seeds with care and witness the growth of robust plants that produce an abundance of fiery pods. The Carolina Reaper is ideal for those who crave intense heat and are seeking to add a powerful kick to their culinary creations.

Explore the extreme heat and remarkable flavour of Carolina Reaper chilli seeds and unleash your inner spice enthusiast. Note: Please handle these peppers with caution and ensure you use appropriate safety measures when handling and consuming them.

Carolina Reaper Chilli Seeds



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