Fish Pepper Chilli Seeds

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Fish Pepper Chilli Seeds – 10 Fresh Seeds

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Fish Pepper Chilli Seeds – 10 Fresh Seeds

If you’re in search of a pepper plant that not only stands out with its visual appeal but also produces delectable fruit, the Fish Hot Pepper is a perfect choice. This pepper variety, once kept as a secret ingredient across the Caribbean, was eventually unveiled to the public by William Woys Weaver in 1995.

The Fish pepper plant proves to be highly productive, yielding an abundance of stunning fruits. It’s a versatile option that thrives both in gardens and containers, showcasing ornamental value through its variegated leaves and colourful pods. The pepper’s ripening process is truly captivating: it begins as a creamy white hue, transitions to a light green adorned with dark green stripes and patterns, and ultimately matures into a vibrant orange with dark red and brown streaks.

The name “fish pepper” likely originates from its popular pairing with seafood dishes. Its versatile flavour makes it a fantastic addition to seafood-based recipes. Traditionally, the variegated Fish Pepper had a place in oyster and crab houses in the north-eastern United States. The cream-colored young peppers, full of vibrant hues, were used to add a kick to the creamy sauces that adorned seafood dishes. With a heat and flavour profile akin to the Jalapeño and Cayenne, the Fish Hot Pepper is sure to capture your taste buds and heart.


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