Faddas AC 101 B Chilli Seeds

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Faddas A/C 101 B Chilli Seeds – 10 Fresh Seeds

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Faddas AC 101 B Chilli Seeds – 10 Fresh Seeds

An incredible looking variety which is a cross with a wild pepper and a unknown pepper. Leaves are mottled green and purple with some variegation. Round pods with an array of different colours and black mottling. Grows quite tall with thin stems. Stunning

🌶️ Scoville Heat Units: 2,000 – 10,000 SHU

🌶️All of our seeds are grown fresh each year at our own chill farm to ensure you get the best germination.

Original description translated from Italian to English :

This is another cross made by me (Faddas) in the 2017 season and cultivated for the first time in 2018. Cross between a Purple tiger and a White Bhut jolokia, which in the first season gave life to an unusual plant with characteristics of both parents, with red and long fruits with low and juicy spiciness. In his second f2 season, he had several different phenotypes, including the green-planted tiger jolokia orange and the dark-planted tiger jolokia red, both of which are similar to f1 by features. But also other phenotypes with dark plants with round fruits and one with a beautiful variegated plant with which I in turn made another cross with the fatal gourmet jig saw (which is currently stabilizing). This variety that came out of f2 with fruits that look like small marbles I wanted to put an identifying acronym that directs to the creator (in this case I) with the addition of an acronym A/C that means Annuum x Chinense with the identification number and acronym. Precisely because these interspecific crosses carry with them an absurd genetic confusion, but at the same time wonderful that leads to countless combinations. This phenotype faddas A/C 101 “B” is a green plant with foliage with dark shades, with fruit that during ripening takes on different colors, from purple to yellow to red that has the shape of a ball, with a great taste and slight spiciness that is around 50,000 scovilles at least, with a magnificent and enchanting flower! . I consider this an f2 and therefore its young age you have to put as many plants to have a good result.

Faddas AC 101 B
Faddas AC 101 B



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