Purple Cacho White Leaf Chilli Seeds

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Purple Cacho White Leaf Chilli Seeds – 10 Fresh Seeds

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Purple Cacho White Leaf Chilli Seeds  – 10 Fresh Seeds

The Purple Cacho White Leaf Pepper, originating from Denmark, is a unique creation. It stems from a crossbreeding between the Purple Tiger and the Cacho Negro, characterized by its large white leaves. This particular variation showcases variegated leaves in white hues, resulting in smaller plants and a more modest pepper yield compared to its Green Leaf counterpart. The pods exhibit a striking appearance with alternating white and green stripes, occasionally displaying a combination of both colours. As they progress in maturity, the pods transform from a captivating purple shade to a vibrant red. Impressively, this cultivar also boasts substantial productivity. In terms of spiciness, its heat level mirrors that of a Jalapeno, making it a manageable yet flavourful option for culinary use.


Purple, Red, Yellow


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