Bola – Cascabel Chilli Seeds

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Bola – Cascabel Chilli Seeds – 10 Fresh Seeds 

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Bola – Cascabel Chilli Seeds – 10 Fresh Seeds 

The Bola chili is essentially the fresh form of the Cascabel chili. The name “Cascabel” directly translates to ‘rattle’ in Spanish, which is derived from the noise the seeds create when shaken inside the dried pod. This chili variety is closely related to the Catarina chili.

While the Bola chili can be consumed both in its fresh and dried forms, it is most commonly used in its dried state. In this state, it develops a woody, nutty, and smoky flavor profile, which imparts a rich depth of taste to a wide range of dishes.

When these chili pods mature, they turn red, but once they are dried, they take on an almost brownish hue.

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