AJI Challuaruro Chilli Seeds

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AJI Challuaruro – 10 Fresh Chilli Seeds


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AJI Challuaruro – 10 Fresh Chilli Seeds

Aji Challuaruro Amarillo Pepper, Capsicum baccatum. I nice looking chilli which can grow quite tall and the pods have a nice taste with a crunch texture. Pods start a light yellow colour showing purple hues from the sun and then to a orange and finally a deep red colour.

Genus: Capsicum (KAP-sih-kum)
Species: baccatum
Cultivar: AJI Challuaruro
Country of origin: Peru
Scoville: Approx 20,000 – 50,000 Scoville Units

Known for its vibrant and visually striking appearance, this pepper showcases a remarkable blend of colours, transitioning from green to yellow, orange, and finally to a deep red as it ripens. Beyond its appealing aesthetics, the AJI Challuaruro offers a mild to moderate level of heat, making it a versatile choice in Peruvian cuisine.

It imparts a delightful fruity flavour with subtle citrus undertones, making it a sought-after ingredient in ceviche, salsas, and various traditional dishes. The AJI Challuaruro is not just a culinary gem; it also carries with it the rich cultural heritage of Peru, adding a burst of flavour and colour to the country’s gastronomic traditions.


Orange, White, Red


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