Bhut Jolokia Yellow Chilli Seeds

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Bhut Jolokia Yellow Chilli  – 10 Fresh Seeds

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Bhut Jolokia Yellow Chilli  – 10 Fresh Seeds

Bhut Jolokia Yellow comes from the species Capsicum Chinense and is a super hot chili pepper variety.

About 800,000-1,000,000 scoville.

This is the yellow version of the Bhut Jolokia Red Pepper which is a Ghost Pepper. Quite rare as not many people grow this  yellow variety. Its very hot and over 130 times hotter than a standard Jalapeno. It can grow quite tall if you have the right growing conditions and we have had some grow over 8 feet tall when planted in the ground and when grown in pots they do not do so well but still quite productive.

We also have Purple Ghost Pepper Seeds in stock which looks fabulous as it changed from light green to different shades of purple and finally a deep gloss red.





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