Indigo Rose Tomato Seeds

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Indigo Rose Tomato Seeds – 15 Fresh Seeds 

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Indigo Rose Tomato Seeds – 15 Fresh Seeds 

Indigo Rose’s  tomato seeds yield exceptionally unique tomatoes with deep purple skins, unmatched in the current market. These tomatoes boast a flavor that is pure and vivid, evoking memories of plums, coupled with a subtly tangy sweetness that is a hallmark of home-cultivated tomatoes.

Crafted through conventional plant breeding methods by Jim Myers at Oregon State University, Indigo Rose Organic tomato seeds represent the pioneering achievement of infusing the fruit with the potent antioxidant anthocyanin, making it the world’s inaugural enhanced tomato variant to possess this attribute. Clusters of Indigo Rose tomatoes dangle from robust, sprawling vines adorned with untamed, curly leaves.

As the fruit progresses in its maturation, the skin undergoes a transformation, adopting a purple hue in areas illuminated by light, often resulting in a purple crown atop the fruit. This phenomenon arises from the interaction of the antioxidant anthocyanin with sunlight. The fruits reach their optimal ripeness when their glossy blue-purple shade transitions to a muted purple-brown in sunlit regions, while areas devoid of sunlight shift from green to red. Additionally, the fruit texture becomes tender upon reaching ripeness.


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