Erotico Chilli Seeds

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Erotico Chilli Seeds – 10 Fresh Seeds

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Erotico Chilli Seeds – 10 Fresh Seeds

The Erotico Chilli stands out as a distinctive Baccatum variety, boasting a captivating appearance. The plant is adorned with vibrant orange chili peppers, delivering an exceptional flavor coupled with a unique shape.

It thrives when cultivated in a pot, reaching heights exceeding a meter, and proves to be an impressive producer. The pods initially sport a light green hue, transitioning to a warm orange upon reaching maturity.

Ideal for inclusion in salads, this chili also makes an excellent choice for pickling, and the peppers could be used to create a flavourful chili jam. In summary, the Erotico Chilli is not only visually stunning but also a prolific producer of luscious peppers with a delightful sweet taste.

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