Fake Carolina Reaper Chilli Seeds on Ebay – Beware !

Reaper Seeds on eBay are commonly known among growers as “EBAY Reapers”

Beware of buying fake Carolina Reaper seeds on eBay. Many sellers falsely advertise ordinary chili seeds as the world’s hottest pepper, Carolina Reaper, to exploit unsuspecting buyers. These counterfeit seeds often result in disappointment, producing plants that do not match the expected heat or characteristics. Authentic Carolina Reaper seeds should be purchased from reputable sources or certified vendors to ensure genuine quality. Verifying seller reviews and ratings can also help avoid scams. Investing in legitimate seeds not only guarantees the desired heat level but also supports the efforts of breeders who cultivate these exceptional peppers. Always prioritize authenticity over tempting deals.

Do you research on facebook chilli growing groups and you will see plenty of issues of fake reaper chilli seeds being sold.

The main issue with fake Carolina Reaper seeds on eBay is the extended growth period, taking over 120 days for plants to produce pods. By the time you realize the seeds are fake, it’s often too late to leave negative feedback or request a refund. This lengthy wait not only wastes valuable growing time but also incurs additional costs for care and cultivation. Sellers exploit this delay, leaving buyers frustrated and unable to hold them accountable. To avoid this, purchase seeds from reputable sources with guarantees on authenticity, ensuring your investment in time and resources results in genuine Carolina Reaper plants.

The Main Culprits on Ebay:

Save on Price

Save on Price Fake Carolina Reaper Seeds from Ebay

London Factory

London Factory Fake Carolina Reaper Seeds from Ebay

Past Prices

11726 Already sold, thats fraud on quite a large scale.

Past Prices Fake Carolina Reaper Seeds from Ebay
Past Prices Fake Reaper Seeds Ebay

Real Stories: Facebook Complaints About Fake Reaper Seeds on eBay

Our Carolina Reaper Seeds

We only grow reaper plants from our own seed stock, each year we select the best looking pods with the longest tail to keep the great DNA of the pepper going.

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