Red Biquinho Chilli Seeds

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Red Biquinho Chilli Seeds – 10 Fresh Seeds

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Red Biquinho Chilli Seeds – 10 Fresh Seeds

Red Biquinho chilli seeds represent a delightful and versatile variety of chili pepper known for its small size, vibrant red colour, and mild heat. These seeds yield plants that produce peppers with an attractive appearance and a pleasant flavour profile suitable for various culinary applications. The Red Biquinho chilli plants typically grow to a compact size, making them well-suited for container gardening or smaller garden spaces. The plants have a bushy growth habit and produce an abundance of small, round peppers. The peppers mature to a brilliant shade of red, adding a pop of colour to the plant. I

n terms of heat, Red Biquinho chilli peppers are known for their mild spiciness. They have a low Scoville heat unit (SHU) rating, typically ranging from 100 to 1,000 SHU. This mild heat level makes them accessible to a wide range of palates, including those who prefer a milder chili experience or are sensitive to spicy foods.





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