Purple Death Chilli Seeds

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Purple Death Chilli Seeds – 10 Fresh Seeds

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Purple Death Chilli Seeds – 10 Fresh Seeds

Purple Death chilli seeds represent an incredibly potent and visually striking variety of chili pepper known for its deep purple coloration and extreme heat. These seeds yield plants that produce peppers with a mesmerizing appearance and an intense reputation for their scorching spiciness. The Purple Death chilli plants typically grow to a medium to large size with a robust and bushy growth habit. The leaves are green and provide a lush backdrop for the eye-catching fruits that will develop. The peppers themselves are usually medium to large in size, featuring a distinctive elongated shape with a pointed tip.

In terms of heat, Purple Death chilli peppers are known for pushing the limits of spiciness. They belong to the super-hot category of chili peppers and can reach staggering levels on the Scoville heat unit (SHU) scale, often exceeding 1 million SHU. Consuming these peppers requires extreme caution, as they deliver an intense and lingering heat that can cause significant discomfort if not used sparingly.

Purple Death Chilli Seeds
Purple Death Chilli Seeds





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