Numex Sauve Orange Chilli Seeds

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Numex Suave Orange Chilli Seeds – 10 Seeds

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Numex Suave Orange Chilli Seeds – 10 Seeds

Numex Suave Orange Chilli Seeds, are derived from a pepper plant developed at New Mexico State University, as indicated by the “Numex” name shared with other chilli varieties created by the university. This particular variety also has a red version available. Numex Suave Orange belongs to the habanero pepper family and falls under the Capsicum Chinese variety. The term “Suave” refers to the smooth or mellow flavour experience these peppers are known for. Despite being mild in heat, they offer a delightful fruitiness with subtle notes of apricot and citrus. Their Scoville rating ranges from approximately 500 to 850, adding a gentle touch of spiciness.




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