Jigsaw Variegated Chilli Seeds

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Jigsaw Variegated Chilli Seeds – 10 Fresh Seeds

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Jigsaw Variegated Chilli Seeds – 10 Fresh Seeds

Jigsaw Variegated chilli seeds offer a unique and visually captivating variety of chili pepper. These seeds produce plants with stunning variegated foliage, featuring a beautiful combination of green,purple and white patterns that resemble puzzle pieces. This extraordinary foliage adds a striking aesthetic appeal to any garden or indoor space.

The Jigsaw Variegated chili plants grow to a medium size, forming bushy and compact plants with abundant foliage. The leaves exhibit intricate variegation, with random patterns of green and white that create a mosaic-like effect. The variegated foliage remains throughout the growing season, making the plants a standout feature in any garden or container.

The peppers produced by the Jigsaw Variegated plants are medium to large in size and have a classic chili shape. They start off green and transition through various colours as they mature, including shades of yellow, orange, and finally red. This colour progression adds visual interest and excitement to the plant as it goes through different stages of ripeness.

In terms of heat, Jigsaw Variegated chili peppers offer a moderate to hot level of spiciness, depending on the specific strain or variety. They provide a satisfying kick of heat that adds zest to a variety of dishes. Whether you enjoy a subtle heat or crave a fiery sensation, Jigsaw Variegated peppers can be enjoyed by chili lovers of different heat tolerances.





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