Bulgarian Carrot Chilli Seeds

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Bulgarian Carrot Chilli Seeds – 15 Fresh Seeds

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Bulgarian Carrot Chilli Seeds – 15 Fresh Seeds

The Bulgarian carrot pepper, also known as the “Shipkas” or “Hot Carrot,” is a vibrant chili pepper variety that sports a distinct carrot-like shape and a striking orange hue. Originating from Bulgaria, this pepper stands out not just because of its unusual color but also its tantalizing taste. Its flavor profile is a captivating blend of fruity sweetness followed by a medium to high heat level, which can catch one off-guard. Measuring around 5 inches in length, its skin is smooth and firm, giving way to crisp flesh inside. This pepper is not only eye-catching in salads and dishes but also offers a unique taste experience. Comes in at around 10,000 – 40,000 SHU




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