Amanda Sweet Pepper Seeds

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Amanda Sweet Pepper Seeds – 10 Fresh Seeds

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Amanda Sweet Pepper Seeds – 10 Fresh Seeds

Amanda Sweet Pepper Seeds are a prized choice among gardeners and culinary enthusiasts alike. These seeds promise the cultivation of bell peppers renowned for their sweet, crisp, and succulent flavour.

Amanda Sweet Peppers are renowned for their vibrant, glossy red, yellow, or orange hues, which infuse your garden and dishes with a burst of color. The fruits begin as creamy white, transition through various shades of orange, and eventually mature into a deep red, occasionally adorned with streaks of purple.

This highly productive plant can yield more than 1.8 kg of fruit. Although it has a somewhat stocky growth habit, it still requires staking

With their thick walls and generous size, they are perfect for stuffing, roasting, or enjoying fresh in salads and salsas. Whether you’re a novice gardener or an experienced one, Amanda Sweet Pepper Seeds are a delightful addition to your garden, promising a bountiful harvest of delectable peppers that elevate your culinary creations.




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