Mammoth Jalapeno

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Mammoth Jalapeno Seeds – True Hybrid Giant Jalapeno Pepper Seeds – 10 Seeds

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Mammoth Jalapeno Seeds  – 10 Fresh Seeds

All our seeds are grown on our own farm in South Wales.

This is the true giant of the Jalapeno pepper plants with pods that can reach over 5 inches long. The pods are quite thick and fleshy which are ideal for stuffing, also great for slicing and pickling.

When they are green, they are quite mild but as they ripen to red, they can get quite hot and spicy.

Plants can grow quite large and due to the heavy pods might need staking, but the stem is quite strong.

These are original hybrid seeds that will grow true and produce the Mammoth Jalapeno pods that can reach over 13cm / 5inches long.


Green, Red


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