Tequila Sweet Pepper Seeds

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Tequila Sweet Pepper Seeds – 10 Fresh Seeds

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Tequila Sweet Pepper Seeds – 10 Fresh Seeds

Tequila bell peppers are a variety known for their medium to large size, typically measuring around eleven centimeters in length and ten centimeters in diameter. These peppers exhibit a distinctive rounded, blocky, and square shape, featuring 3-4 lobes and a green stem.

Their skin is smooth, firm, and shiny, starting as green and gradually transitioning to a captivating lilac purple hue. As they mature further, they develop orange shades, often accompanied by intermittent purple stripes, ultimately culminating in a vibrant red color. Beneath their skin, Tequila bell peppers boast thick, ivory flesh that’s crisp and juicy.

Typically, these peppers are harvested while still purple, although some growers may choose to let them fully ripen on the plant. Tequila bell peppers are known for their satisfying crunch and high water content, complemented by a mild, semi-sweet flavor.

Tequila Sweet Pepper Seeds
Tequila Sweet Pepper Seeds


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