Maldivian Heart x Purple Bhut Chilli Seeds

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Maldivian Heart x Purple Bhut Chilli Seeds – 10 Fresh Seeds

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Maldivian Heart x Purple Bhut Chilli Seeds – 10 Fresh Seeds

The Maldivan Heart X Purple Bhut (C. Chinense) is a truly unusual and beautiful cross between two chinense varieties. The Maldivian Heart is a hot Habanero variety that comes from the Maldives. The Purple Bhut is a purple variety of an old classic – the Ghost Pepper – the hottest chili in India. What makes this variety so special is its sheer mastery. This plant grows well up to a height of about 60 – 70 cm. The foliage on these plants is dense and the leaves are green with extraordinary dark green/purple veins and stems/branches. Even the flowers on this plant are amazing with a sort of mauve colour. But the most spectacular of all is the colour change of the pods.

The pods will change from an unusual purple/green to purple to orange/purple and finally a beautiful red with darker shades of intense red. It’s quite spectacular to see these plants continuously change. We don’t believe that this variety is a totally stable variety as the type of phenotype fluctuates on these – some showing more of a Bhut Jolokia phenotype trait and others a smoother, larger habanero appearance. The smell and taste of these are fruity, citrusy, and slightly floral.

The heat is not super powerful but up there at 600,000 – 800,000 SHU. The burn is upfront and well-rounded with a great lingering burn. A truly exceptional chili variety to grow that might still have surprises in future generations.


Purple, Red


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