Basket Of Fire Chilli Seeds

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Basket Of Fire Chilli Seeds – 10 Fresh Seeds

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Basket Of Fire Chilli Seeds – 10 Fresh Seeds

Basket of Fire Chilli Seeds produce compact plants with an impressive yield of small, vibrant chili peppers. These peppers mature into a beautiful assortment of colours, including shades of green, yellow, orange, and red. They offer a scorching heat that adds a fiery kick to dishes, making them a favourite among chili enthusiasts. With their compact growth habit, Basket of Fire chili plants are suitable for small spaces, patio containers, or even indoor cultivation.

With a Scoville heat rating of 80,000, these chillies possess a medium-hot level of spiciness. They can be utilized while still in their youthful stage or allowed to mature, proving ideal for both fresh consumption and drying purposes.




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