Apache F1 Chilli Seeds

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Apache F1 Chilli Seeds – 10 Fresh Seeds 

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Apache F1 Chilli Seeds – 10 Fresh Seeds 

A robust plant boasting an abundance of small, conical-shaped chilli peppers that transition from a pale green hue to a shiny red. These peppers measure 3cm in length and 1.5cm in width. Their early maturation begins in late June, and they continue to yield throughout the season. Remember, the more you harvest, the more pods the plant will produce.

Apaches hold great utility in the kitchen as an everyday chili variety, offering a moderate level of spiciness. They’re excellent for immediate use but can also be frozen for future consumption or conveniently dried and ground into chili powder or flakes. We strongly recommend this variety, particularly for novice chili growers, as the Apache F1 chili pepper is easy to cultivate, dependable, and impressively prolific.

Apache F1 is perfectly suited for small containers, making it an excellent choice for adding a charming touch to your kitchen windowsill. With its abundant yield of petite pods, it becomes a visually appealing and functional addition. Interestingly, Apache stands out as one of the rare chili varieties that can be cultivated throughout the entire year. This means you can conveniently pluck the pods whenever they’re required.



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